The purpose of our website is to allow family and friends to see what we have been up to. Especially for our overseas family to see how the kids are growing up and what they are doing.

Once you register and then log in, you will have access to our family photos and also to the kids blogs, where you can leave messages and comments… but if you are not logged in, you wont get to see these!

I will promise to try and update the site at least once a year as the last one wasnt changed for seven years!!! As I elduded to above, most of my family are overseas now, so hopefully this site will mean that they can drop in occassionally and see our holiday snaps 🙂

The fact that you are here means that you probably already know us… so welcome! If you don’t know us then please don’t be offended when you find some of the pages here are only accessible to users who are logged in.

I am not a real advocate of publishing your private life online for all to see – you might want to read ‘The Blue Nowhere’ by Jeffrey Deaver if you want to see what CAN happen!! All I will say is that we are a close-knit family and I am lucky enough to have a loving wife and two fantastic children, all of whom I love dearly.

My wife and I are doing our best to try and give the kids the best start in life we can. All we wish for them is health and happiness and perhaps a big lottery win 🙂